Saturday, September 10, 2011

Textures. Colours. My Wardrobe On A Quilt. Packing Up.

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And here we have it.

All the clothes to last me until December.

You know, I never have been one to be capable of packing light.

Back when I was a little kid and trying to run away from home (an event for which this blog is partially named), I remember a lot of the crazy things I packed.... like a party hat. I remember my logic as I put it in my basket, "What if I go to a party and I want a party hat and they don't have any?" I knew I needed to bring it. And my Easter hat. And some games. And... let's just say, I had packed so much that I barely made it two houses away, and that's with the help of my older brother, Ian.

Now I'm leaving again (3rd time to leave for a "foreign country" for an extended period of time - although in my mind, Canada barely counts as foreign) and packing again - trying to think up what I might need to stay warm in late November while studying for four hours.

Laying out all of my clothes on my quilt (got it for free on the side of the road) was a bit of an interesting exploration. In viewing, I've made a few observations and come up with a few statistics based on the clothes on the quilt. This is not based on my jacket I'm taking, or my hiking boots which I don't think made it into the shot... along with my gloves.

Anyways I noticed:
  • There are so many colours and patterns and textures here!
  • I like clothes from other cultures and alternative ethnicities and cultures.
  • I love things that are fun to feel.
  • I don't like bras and jeans.
And then I started coming up with some numbers.

First - how many items of clothing are here?
  • 36 items of clothing if you count all socks as one item (same with underwear, tights/leggings, handkerchiefs)
  • 64 or so if you count sets of socks, underwear, and shoes but don't count handkerchiefs
  • 82 if you count each individual sock and shoe as one item
For ease of use, I'm going to go with the 64 number for the next calculations I make.
  • 2 items were just black or white
  • 27 items were not second hand - but of those, 25 were socks, underwear, or tights - there is one brand new skirt and one brand new skirt I purchased
  • 16 items were free or gifted
  • 0 have displayed logos on the outside
  • 21 items were bought at thrift shops
  • 7 out of the 12 pairs of socks were given to me
The three most unusual gifted clothing stories are...
  • Pants and shirt from the boy I met in the forest
  • Shirt from boy I had just met - gave to me in the Dick's parking lot
  • Hat from lady at the thrift-shop
The most expensive item there? I believe it is the corduroy skirt. I think I paid $18 for it. Originally it would have cost $40 but I got it on clearance.

The most item worth the most there? The essentially-brand-new Born shoes - worth over $100. I only paid $9.99.

That's about it. Guess you got a pretty good peak at my wardrobe, there, not that you needed to.

Time to shove it all into my backpack
and make it all fit.

And yes, it all fits. I already checked. It makes for a heavy pack, though.

Please view this full sized HERE - so much better!

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  1. This was posted on my birthday and I love how colorful your clothes! Keep doing what you do! <3 Lovin'. It! I didn't know you met Victorio! Ftw!!


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