Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fishbowl. Speed Scrabble. Water in Your Face.

September 26, 2011 - L'Abropoly

No computer.
No TV.
No cell phones.

How to entertain oneself? By the finest means!
The company of others!

For the past couple months, or perhaps just a single month, free time has been few and I’ve practiced the art of not go-go-going to entertain myself. Staying in this fine community provides more than enough to do throughout the day with little time for my self.

With the empty evenings and occasional afternoon, we often find ourselves gathering to play games. While before I met have wound down in the evening with some time on Facebook, trudging through the ongoing lives of others, now I enjoy the moment scrabble letters, scraps of paper, pens, and a few shovelfuls of creativity.

Where invitations used to be extended via friend-lists and created “events,” now something eventful can be pulled together over dinner with full inclusion to everyone.

One of our favourite games to play is Fishbowl. It guarantees chortling, creativity, and a few raised eye-brows. Phrases I like to play with include serendipitous wigwams, crepuscular starfish, Anna’s toe-jam, and poop purree.

We play speed scrabble (we use a few sets of scrabble pieces together since we have so many people - just like banagrams), telephone pictionary, and water-in-your-face (not sure if I recommend it or not) among other games. I like to do tanagrams by myself in during the short breaks.

This reminds me of the back-then-times when the family would gather in the parlour for evening games. Guess we have something like that going on... ‘cept we’re just a lot of 20-year-olds (plus a 35 year old) out in the middle of the woods on an island.

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