Friday, October 28, 2011

Gettin` Low in the Community - Have a Hand

The thing about living with a group of people continuously for a few months is that, over time, they get to see pretty much every side of you.

Where I can normally hide my “down” side, the part of me that sometimes shuts down a lot of emotions, here it shows on the occasion.

What an encouraging lot I live with!

First off, they don’t try to yank me out of it like something is wrong.

One day, I had a silly ounce of frustration as a result of feeling isolated during a 1.5 hour period of time. I was vocalizing those emotions, acknowledging that I thought they were out of place. But then, one of the girls, Abigail, she looked at me and related to that. She reconfirmed my emotions, didn’t belittle them, and that meant so much to me. I didn’t need someone to reason with me then. I didn’t need someone to make me laugh. I needed someone to validate what I was feeling which brought me back.

Another one of the students, In Young, has been wonderful at getting me back. She’ll ask, “Are you ok?” and sometimes I’ll just be honest with her and say, “Not really.” Often these are at points where my senses are rearing around and jamming up in my brain. Then she often gives me a hand or back massage. If only she knew how much it helped my brain get back! The pressure on my body is often just what I need to calm down and feel better. I am so grateful for that. And when I’m in a less-than-ideal mood she can normally reach out and help me back up without even knowing she’s doing it. She can get me back to normal in record time.

Then there’s Melanie - she’s definitely wonderful and understanding when I get into those places. I can rely on her to be a steady friend and ear at times, even when I need to do a super-fast vent, shake it out, and move on. And her words are golden! What Melanie says goes. She`s relate able and genuine.

It’s been quite healthy for me to experience different emotions within this group dynamic. It’s a bit nice to have people get to know every side of me.

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