Monday, October 31, 2011

Make Music Every Day

"Make music every day," were the final words I received from my father in my 21st birthday card, right before the "I love you."

That was his advice to me, or perhaps his desire or wish.

However I took it, what incredible weight those words hold for me.

Music is definitely a gift in the Hubert family. It's something we all can and love to do. It's how we connect with the world and blare out those out-of-the-box thoughts that whir in our brains.

I'm really grateful that I was able to bring my cello with me to L'Abri.

With a ban on recorded music, it's music of our own creation that fills the huge house during the evenings and breaks.

I've found another already-musician to play with, Miss Anna of Kansas. She plays the piano so sweetly and post-lunch jams with her are the perfect the dessert.

Richard came to L'Abri with perhaps one or two chords under his belt and a single strumming pattern. But oh how he has improved and learned! Daily determination has helped form him into a musician I can also jam with. Am, Em, Am, Em, Am, Em. Over and over. We work on his muscle memory as I get to exercise improvisation.

Marie Madelein is our classical guitar extraordinaire.

Melanie is the Queen of Parodies. She takes the lead role in rewriting popular tunes to fit the L'Abri mood. We have a small selection of songs that a handful of us love to blare out on the frequent occasion. Love it.

It's fun singing with In Young - she knows a few songs in English and I've been learning one in Korean. One of my favourite memories is stumbling up the hill with her, arm in arm, screaming out the chorus of, "Hey Jude," by the Beatles.

Dear Dad - yes, I'll make music every day, just as you told me to. If that is your only desire for me this upcoming year, I can only think of how it will bless me and others to pursue it. Making music daily goes beyond practice for us, that I know. For us, music is not determined by theory and written notes but these feelings we get and melodies that ramble through our heads.

Make music every day.
Sounds good.


Your words make me grin.

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