Friday, October 7, 2011

Your Letters Have Been Received - And I've Written Back

September 24, 2011

Thank you ever ever ever so much for the encouraging beautiful letters I've received from many of you.

They warm my heart, tickle my mind, and fill me with outbursts of laughter.

And here's the thing - I have written back, you just might not have gotten it yet.


Something called Canadian-Post.... which takes forever.

Letters take random amounts of time to get here.... but currently it seem that mail reached me significantly faster in Switzerland than here.

I am still receiving birthday greetings (so wonderful!) which was 20 days ago... and many of these were posted pre-birthday. It seems it takes around 10 days minimum for the mail to get through and I can only imagine how long it takes for my letters to get to you.

But, thank you to all! I adore you much so! Know that your responses are flying through space right now, headed towards you at speeds of millions of kilometers per hour.

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