Friday, November 11, 2011

Brought Back A Bit of L'Abri to Seattle

In coming back to Seattle, I had the honour of being accompanied by one of my close L'Abri-mates, In Young of Korea.

It definitely brought a bit of ease to the transition and made me appreciate my small city all the more. We went for a walk around my village 20,500 to show her what we had. A five minute walk brought us to the park that any visitor is obliged a visit to.

She was the perfect travel companion and wandered with me with the perfect level of enthusiasm.

I introduced her to Kenmore's bamboo grove or St. Vinny's - the local thrift store.

A few more stops and then we parted, her for Seattle (for some solo explorations) and me for Country Village with my mother unit to look at things we had no interest in buying.


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