Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chocolati Café

When I have sugar, I always have to decide if it's worth the discomfort it provides.

A sugar high is almost always followed by a sugar low accompanied by a stomach ache ache ache. But the motto my parents raised me on, I think, is everything in moderation.

So moderation, yesterday, allowed me a hot chocolate from Chocolati Café in Wallingford (the neighbourhood my brother lives in - and probably the cutest neighbourhoods in Seattle, maybe right after Queen Anne).

Tuesday is Megan's night out. Every Tuesday she obliged to get out of the house and do something and tonight I got to see her. She's something of a big sister, I guess. She's one of three friends of the female gender than I regularly see and also friends with my brother (they're the same age). She gives excellent advice and helps me sort through brain things I normally keep pretty well locked up... and has quick wit I appreciate and enjoy.

Post fight lessons in Seattle, I had a few hours to kill and wasn't up for journeying home just to journey out again, so I wandered the Seattle Center a bit before hopping the 16 that took me to Ian's Big Yellow House. I got to hang out there for a couple of hours, listening to music, reading, and distracting him as he had a major deadline to tackle.

I have such a rad brother. Seriously. He's humorous, intelligent, innovative, inspiring, and altogether a super-nice dude.

At 7 PM, Megan came over and then we all headed the few locks over to Chocolati Café where the hot chocolates are so chocolate-y it's insane. It's like drinking liquid chocolate, so rich. They literally pour melted chocolate into the milk and wiggle their magic fingers, or something. It's incredible! By the time you get to the bottom, a lot of the chocolate has settled into delicious chocolate sludge at the bottom. Oh, that was not good word choice at all, sludge. Anyways, you know how at the bottom of some hot chocolates you get this nasty syrup stuff? Well, imagine that syrup was legit chocolate, like a melted truffle, and you liked it. That's what it was like.

The atmosphere was lovely, with two separate balcony areas and a main floor, every table occupied with Seattleites.

Yes, I got the sugar high.
Then I got the low.
But I'd say it was well, well worth it.

Post-Café, we wandered to the Sock Monster to admire their glorious sock selection and then to the QFC to look at stuff, because I like grocery stores. Then back back back home we go (with a quick stop at Fred Meyer's for another spaghetti squash as my spaghetti squash selection had just run out).

So satisfied.

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