Saturday, November 26, 2011

Growing Up in a Spaceship

Growing up, I didn't have the typical playhouse that most kids' parents get them. No. My dad designed and constructed a two story spaceship for my brother and I.

And it was awesome.
Absolutely AWESOME!

I mean, look at that thing. It's a spaceship. How much cooler can you get? Can you even get cooler than that?

Back then, we kept it on the deck on the porch, overlooking the valley. At that time, our house was also big-bird yellow. This made our house the loud landmark of the village.

"Yes, Irving. When you see the bright yellow house with the spaceship, take a right..."

To get up to the second level, you had a climb a ladder, moving through a child-sized hole which was easily blocked up. The upper level was filled with old airplane controls and equipment to aid in our play.

I am grateful to have such a creative Dad.
We definitely had the only spaceship on the block.

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