Saturday, November 12, 2011

Korean High Tea

Sunday evenings at L’Abri have a pretty high excitement potential.

6:30 PM brings on high tea at either the Sheibes’ or Jessica’s cabin.

A theme meal is served followed by some sort of group activity.

Got the gist of it?

Theme meals have included dip night (so many dips - so full in the end), Greek food, and last night we stuffed ourselves with Korean food (thanks to In Young!).

Activities from the past have been the reading of the Brothers Grimm Tales (Clever Hans), Fishbowl, and karaoke.

Yesterday evening, In Young had the chance to share with us the food that she was used to eating. The Canadian diet has required quite a bit of adjusting for her, but for one evening she got in the flavours of home.


Kimbap! Kimchi! Oi, and if only I knew the names of the rest. Spicy chicken with potatoes (I just had the potatoes), cucumbers, eggs, the noodle dish, the beef dish. Corn tea! I now see that sharing what we ate is not all the informative at all.

All in all, is was absolutely delectable. We finished the meal off with a dessert of sweet potatoes (some-sort-of-sauce) and rise with more some-sort-of-other-sauce (caramelized something with soy sauce and cinnamon).

Richie and I conquered the dishes and then traversed back to the main house (we had been at Jessica’s) for karaoke.

I think that last sentence deserves an exclamation mark.

We were quickly cracked out of our shells (ha! as if we had any) as the tunes started to play. We started with two group warm ups. Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkel (in honour of dear In Young, who’s Catholic name is Cecelia). Clark took the floor from there with a sparkling performance of Joker (I think) and Richie’s rendition of Baby was a memorable site to see. We swayed, rocked, and clapped to Michael Jackson, Faith by George, Home by Edward Sharpe, Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder, Dancing Queen by ABBA, the Most Beautiful Girl in the Room by Flight of the Conchords, Party in the USA by Miley Cirus, Material Girl by Madonna, West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys, Rock Anthem, something by Adele, and Oh Happy Day from Sister Act II. The night was summed up with a group attempt (with success) of a Whole New World from Aladdin.

Our technology was just projector, a flashlight for a microphone, and a laptop running YouTube.

A search of “Name of Song” plus “karaoke” would bring up several versions of each song, which people had set the lyrics to in video form.

Amusement came with Oh Happy Day’s creator had mistyped the lyrics as, “He watched my sins away!”

Shifty moments came when we realized exactly what these artists were singing in their songs. Words came by we had missed, but now read our loud mid-song, and mid-laugh.

My contributions were Sir Duke and Dancing Queen. Both were done with YouTube videos I was already in. Sir Duke was a lipsynching video I had made back when I was 15 with Jenny Porter. Singing along with my old-self dancing was not only highly amusing, but gave the group a glimpse into who I am at home, or who I was (still am). Dancing Queen was from the flash mob we did back at Swedish Hospital in 2010.

Pardon my dry representation of this evening. I guess I’m better at capturing the documenting of “what” happened, but lack the emotion in the words. How can I write out my over-the-top glee from the night? I guess that’s why we have authors and why I’m more of a photographer myself (although I'm less than satisfied with what I came up with this past karaoke night).

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