Tuesday, November 15, 2011

L'Abri Christmas 2011 - Coming November 17th

This upcoming Thursday, on the 17th of Novemer, we will be celebrating Christmas at L'Abri.

L'Abri feels like that cozy-Christmas mood with its fires in the stove, cuddly nights in footy-pajamas, meals together, and evenings on couches.

So with that, it only felt fit to celebrate that beloved holiday with the people that feel like family right now.

A run over to St. Vinny's prepared me with a few thrifted gifts that I expect not to be appreciated for their value but something a few side-steps off. What does one say upon unwrapping a Miley Cyrus pillowcase? "Golly gee whiz! This is just what I wanted!"

We'll chop down the tree.
Sing those carols.
And brace ourselves for the final four days, even if only equipped with denial.

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