Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Queen Anne, Seattle Center, and We Should All Learn Martial Arts

Why don't we learn martial arts in school?

Today, Seattle took me to Queen Anne [hill].

I got some brain exploding done at Seattle Pacific University on the third floor of their library... and on the 522. Lots of thoughts bouncing in my head that I need to sort out.

My time ended when I realized it was 2:30 PM, time to meander over to South Queen Anne to learn to... fight? That's what I was invited to.

Robert's home offered cups of tea (well, actually, he offered it.. not his home), an organ, and Celtic literature. Today's focus was, from my evaluations, about body control - starting inner and moving to outer. We began with meditation followed by conditioning and then I learned some of the very basics (three stances: horse, bow, cat).

It was refreshing to have something to work on. I can't say I found it easy by any means, as it ought not be. But in the midst of it all, I wished someone had started instructing me on this earlier in life. There were so many little things to focus on, so many things to be aware of - this addressed many of the negative sides of SPD and ADHD.

It was about focusing.
It was about body awareness.

It was about what I lack and need to work on.

I wish little me could have had the time to step back, slow down, and really tackle the things don't come quite as naturally to me

And I was grateful I wasn't being charged for this one on one time. It was really kind of him to make the offer and follow through. He gave up an hour of his time to share his knowledge with me.

Now I've got something to work on for the next 20 days while I inhabit Bowen Island again.

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  1. these photos are fantastic! I've always wanted to go to Seattle.


Your words make me grin.

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