Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seattle For a Wee Bit

I’m going home on Wednesday for four days and four nights.
Bowen Island to Kenmore.
Canada to the United States of America.

Home to Home.

L’Abri does feel like home now.

Anyways - it’s my dear grandparent’s 60th anniversary and I am eager to attend. 60 years is an incredible amount of time and I want to be a part of that celebration.

This will be my first test run in leaving L’Abri, though. A glimpse into what it will be like when I come home in November or December (not sure yet).

One thing I’m glad about is that I can take home some of my belongings (my bike and giant suitcase).  I’ll drag home some sweaters, a jacket, shampoo - all that I can be without for a week. Hopefully what I will be left with is just a backpack - not too heavy.

I am trying to build up excitement for going home - a way of easing the transition for me. Transitions can often be rough and uncomfortable, and if I can get my emotions ahead of me to pad the change, then it just might be easier.

So here we have it - a list of things I am looking forward to when I am home - this list not only pertains to my four days but the following months after the term is over.

1. Making my own food. I love L’Abri and it’s wonderful food (delicious, homemade, well rounded), but I am looking forward to taking care of my own dietary needs. More quinoa. More beans. More vegetables. Smaller portions.

Come on, there has to be a number two.

I feel horrible not putting my parents on here - I do miss them, I really do. But when I was 16, I left for a solid year and didn’t see them. I love being around them, but 3 months doesn’t seem like all that long to be gone. Ah, let’s put them on the list anyways.

2. My family.

3. All the spontaneous things to do in Seattle. Flash mobs. Concerts. Gatherings.

But do I really miss them that much? I’ve love learning to have this secluded life where entertainment happens in the living room with those I live with. I enjoy not stressing about getting around to this event or that or about missing out on something.

4. Contra dancing.

Seriously miss it - but I do have Morris Dancing here on this island.

5. Playing music out loud - recorded music.

6. Being able to wake up on my own terms.

Although I think, by now, I do like waking up with others. I enjoy waiting till Melanie gets out of the top bunk before I leave my lower one.

There really isn’t all that much I desire from my old life. Not much I miss. Although, I don’t dread going back or anticipate miserableness.

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  1. Did you see my email a while back? We are in possession of Webley tickets, if you still want to go!


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