Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seattle: Smelling Strangers, Street Dancing, Celebrating 11/11/11 11:11:11

Last night, I was greeted with countless uplifting (literally) solid bearhug-embraces.
I was picked up more in one hour than I have been for the past two months.

Last night, people I didn't recognize called me out, recognizing me from elsewhere, and greeted me with enthusiasm which I quickly returned and eagerly connected with.

Last night, I was enabled to whirl about in an unidentified dancey-dance-fashion as Renee de la Prade played out, "Nerd Love" on her squeezebox. Dips and extensive twirls helped my body feel oh-so-safe again. Unadulterated delight!

Last night, with not knowing if I could get home (my bus stops running at 11:20 or 11:50 PM) I got multiple offers for places to cozy up - from Occupy Seattle to "there's room in the bed for you with the two of us."

Last night, I got to hug strangers and tell them how good they smelled.

Last night, I got to smell that human-smell that I know so well and have missed. Very distinct fragrance of human that I can't pinpoint to anywhere but this group. And when I smell someone who shares the smell, I can immediate associate a league of positive feelings to it.

Last night, I shook a bottle filled with coins in the company of a couple hundred other bottle-shakers.

Last night, I rocked out to the the hit song of the 90s in an alternate paralleled universe, if you imagine. It was so over-sang that it's ingrained into all of our DNA. You need to watch it, all of it, yes, the intro too.. although recorded with a not-so-energized Canadian audience isn't quite up to the norm (excuse them, they're from Toronto) - Hockey Star. Let your inner fan-girl scream! It's HOCKEY STAR!

Last night, Jason Webley's Eleven Eleven Eleven Concert.

Last night, Amanda Palmer.

Last night, Neil Gaiman.

Last night, Evelyn Evelyn.

Last night, the Shook Twins.

Last night, the Petrojvic Blasting Co.

Last night, feathers were thrown from above and giant, giant red balloons bopped around the Moore.

Last night, random beautiful ladies let me touch their clothes.

Last night, I got overchocked with glee.

Last night, I didn't know what to think of this good-bye.

Last night, I celebrated 11/11/11 11:11:11 PM in the company of over a thousand others. Oh how we cheered.

Last night, I was reminded of how beautiful Seattle is and the people there. There is a rich, rich community of artists and contributors who create incredible things. I am loved here. And I love here.

Seattle, what a home you make for me.

If you like magical moments of singing together with other thousand....

And if you like impromptu covers of Take On Me with an accordion...

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