Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Review - Photographic Slideshow Edition - Part I - First 1,000 Shots

Here's the first of two or three sideshows of the highlights of 2011.

There's 1,000 photographs here to start us off.

I don't expect anyone to watch it all (it's 50 minutes long) - but you can click on it to view the album and either view the slideshow in 1/3 that time (select 1 second viewing) or just scroll through.

Wish these had their captions still attached to them so you would know the significance of some of the shots, but hopefully they can tell most of the story on their ownsome.

I also have scheduled a smaller walk-through of 2011 with a smaller selection and a few words. It'll start on the 19th, with a month a day, leading up to New Year's Eve.

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