Sunday, December 25, 2011

Acoustically Stringed

Instruments played yesterday:

Instrument: Guitar. Ukulele. Fiddle. Baritone Ukulele. Appalachian Dulcimer. Cello.
Owned By: Father. Family. Brandon. Me. Me. Me.

Not in photograph: Piano. Harpsichord. Harp.

Stringed instruments - that's where it's at, yo. Back in the 4th grade (11 years ago) I started up with the cello and do not regret it at all.

The soothing low tones of a cello fill in that range in a jam like how certain spices take certain meals from "meh" to "huzzah!"

Yesterday, Marni came over and I got to jam with her. Oh! The delights. That was something I certainly enjoyed. Later I played on my ownsome. Earlier too. And then I got to play with the Brother Unit which was brilliant.

I like stringed instrumenst. Would I like to be capable of those blowing instruments? Sure. They sound pretty rad. But strings are where my heart's at (and reeds, on the occasion).

The baritone ukulele is my latest toy - bought on a whim on Granville Island (where many whims seem to occur).

I was hanging out in my favourite music shop when a girl checked out a ukulele and then put it back (my attention was at the sitars at this moment). I glanced up and saw a giant ukulele near the concert one she had been holding. Rich colour. Solid build. I asked to play it and loved the tone - not so twangy as its wee cousin-ukes.

The problem with playing the cello is it is not, is not portable. Getting it around makes me nervous (until I have a hard case) and in certain weather, I fear for it's dear life. So I can't get it to jams easily.

The little uke we have is a Martin. 'nought said, can't got taking that one around. I just checked online and apparently, this little guy I've been playing with since I was a toddler is valued at around $2,000. According to Uke Hunt (one of the biggest ukulele sights I've seen on the internet), "Martin ukuleles are probably the most sought after brand of ukulele around."I definitely thought it was a toy. Turns out - not quite. Now I understand why Dad doesn't want me taking it everywhere in a pillowcase.

So, seeing this instrument I could easily play and take places, I was sold. Portable music!

I got a Makala and, have to say, I've been quite pleased. For a budget instrument, it plays pretty beautifully. Up there with the Martin? I doubt most people would hear a huge difference. From my research, sounds like my satisfaction is mutual with what others have thought of them. Of the budget ukuleles, these are some of the best. I'm satisfied to have it added to my string collection. Just ordered a case (tweed to boot!) - once it arrives, I'm set to go.

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