Friday, December 2, 2011

Bedroom Walls

The state of my room will tell you a lot about me.

I've had two trends in terms of room-decorating.
1) Rooting. Memento-thick.
2) Transit. Bare.

I think a psychologist could have a hay day (who doesn't love hay?) connecting the state of my room with my mental state.

In 2009 I was zonked. I was firmly desiring to be in Switzerland and doing what I could to believe I was there. Every poster on the wall was a reminder of the past - each glimpse helping me pretend what was not. Happy memories plastered up - shoving it in my face that I used to belong. Wherever I went, at this point, wherever I stayed I would make a point of putting pictures up everywhere of old memories. I'd set up clotheslines that I would weigh down with things I couldn't let go of.

Then I cleaned up everything, packed it all up, and went to Switzerland again after high school.

When I came back, what you see on my walls in 2011 is all I've put up. I've put up socks I've gotten from strangers and a picture I painted.

At this point, I wasn't ready to commit to a bedroom. I wanted to be ready to leave on the moment.

But I also think I had become more mentally stable. I didn't need physical reassurance of things.

I wanted less clutter in my life - a small, tiny baby step closer to minimalism.

Where it's at suits me fine now. I spend a few minutes each day tidying things up, trying to keep it decently clean. It's a more restful place. I've learned to put my mental expressions into a book - my walls remain bare. I'm going forward in life and don't need to continue my backward glances (although this could open up another discussion with blogging and documenting, that I am always looking backwards).

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  1. Hiya, Maegi! It is Milo.
    It pleases me immensely to hear from you.

    I was going to write a short comment here, but my thoughts tumbled out to the point where I needed to write something free verse.
    I cannot send texts from my phone (I deleted some file I should not have) so I will try to get your email from Carole or someone.

    The island you inhabit sounds like a truly amazing place. I am a bit jealous.


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