Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Applesauce :: Goat Yoghurt, Sailboats, and Snoring Bulldogs

The family of the home I've been house sitting in was kind enough to stock the fridge with veggies for me before leaving. But, in addition to the veggies, they left baskets of fresh apples.

I am allergic to fresh apples.

If I bit into a fresh apple, my eyes sand mouth go berserk making life a bit miserable for a short bit.

So I've got these apples but can't eat them fresh. They're about to go gross and I felt like it was up to me to save them.

What'd I do?
Make applesauce, of course. You already know that. You saw the title and picture.
Make applesauce just like we made it at L'Abri and how my mom made it growing up.

I chopped up a few, threw in my favourite spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamon), a few spoonfuls of water and turned up the heat. In under 24 minutes, the applesauce was ready for consumption.

No sugar added. I am of the belief that white sugar is, essentially, poison - so adding it to something already so sweet, like applesauce, isn't even a possibility.

One of my favourite treats is plain goat milk yoghurt. It's creamy, thick, refreshing, and doesn't make me feel sick. A scoop of it with a scoop of applesauce and a sprinkling of flax seed makes the perfect afternoon snack for me.

One thing I'll miss about living in this house is the window views. I love seeing the sailboats and watching he ferry come in and out every hour. It's like a giant grandfather clock.

As to the snoring of Jake and Charlie? Not sure how I feel about it. But, I have to admit, they are pretty adorable. I don't blame them for sleeping in front of the fire all day. It's my favourite spot in the house too.

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