Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am Not a Hippie

Photo by my Grandfather in the 60s.

I got called a hippie three times this past week.
I am not a hippie.
I am not.
Well, not that I know of.

I'm not entirely sure what makes you a hippie, but I am going to assume that if you are one, you know you're one.

I am not insulted by the remarks at all, I just find them amusing.

I may wear clothes that look similar to what one pairs up with what hippies wear - but that's an insult to them to say that their "lifestyle" and who they are is just clothes. Anyone can wear dress to any culture or subculture.

Although --- peace, love, freedom, and bare feet? I'm cool with that.
(there is one tattoo I want to get - the word "bear" tattooed on my foot, right above the toes)

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