Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skyping with the Mother and Father Units - Harpsichord/Piano/Bagpipe Chanter/Recorder Concert

How many folks, when they Skype with their parents, get a concert out of the event?

Last night I wasn't feeling so hot (not hot enough for Morris dancing) so I stayed home and chatted with my parentals for a bit.

It was fun talking to them (they're lovely people) - I talked mainly to my dad. I love how he stays busy with so many creative things.

Just the other night I got an email from mom (or was it him?) telling me to turn on the radio (had to go via internet). My dad was making music live for around an hour with harpist Bronn Journey. I tuned in and, sure enough, they were jamming live! It sounded relaxing and wonderful (it was for the time they call "quiet time" on the station) and apparently, people liked it enough that they've called up asking for more.

During our conversation, my dad played "Oh Little Town of Bethelehem" to the tune of "Gilligan's Island" on the harpsichord he built! Mom and he played lovely piano/harpsichord and piano/recorder and recorder/bagpipe chanter duets. It was wonderful!

Yeah. I have pretty rad parents.

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