Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh! Snow! Headaches...

Does anyone else get headaches from the snow?

Back in 2007, when I lived in Switzerland, I went through a few days where my head just wouldn't stop throbbing. I drank gallons of water, thinking it was the key, and frustration flowed as much as my clear pee.

That's when she told me I probably had a headache because of the snow.

I'm sure I glared at her.
Seriously lady? Are you kidding me? Snow? Snow headache?

There was no snow.

But within a few days time the snow flaked on down and I was overjoyed to play in it - now headache free.

Around November 13th at L'Abri, the headaches were taking over again without reason. I drugged myself up and joked that the snow was coming. On the second day, I really hoped that's what it was, because for any other reason, the pain wouldn't be worth it.

Sure enough, on the 16th, down came that crazy white stuff I don't think we get enough of in Seattle. It started flitttering down as we were chopping trees, and it made for a terrific excuse to sing Christmas-esque songs as we dragged fallen hemlocks across the property.

And now, today, December 3rd, my head is taxing me again. I'm gulping down that water, just in case, but hoping for maybe just a little bit of snow. Not slurrpy snow, though. No thanks, Canada, I'll take some of your powder snow I've heard about.

I checked the weather. No, it didn't mention any schnee but it did show a 0° C low at some point which is good enough for me. It doesn't show snow for today - but next Saturday has the same high and low as today (4° to 0° C) with a chance of flurries.

Apparently, some science dudes out there call it a Barometric Pressure Headache - although I don't think that sounds quite as rad as a Snow Headache....

Getting fed snow by Gabriel and Samuel... over and over and over. Delicious.
Shot by Melanie Heckman.
My first snow at Bowen - barefoot and free in the snow (in honour of host dad #3) and smiling now that I know the source of my multi-day headache.
Shot by Miss Anna.

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