Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Survivor: Last One on the Island

Richie just boarded the ferry and now I am the last L’Abri student from the Fall term 2011 left on Bowen.

Melanie is gone.
In Young is gone.
Dieter Jan is gone.
Marie Madelein is gone.
Anna is gone.

But I’m still here.

And it feels alright. It feels right. I’ve got the house to myself for the first time in a long while (apart from Jack and Charlie, the bulldogs that are chilling next to the fire right now). This means I can sing at full volume and twirl and leap and jump.

I don’t suppress myself in full around others (I've done that and felt terribly awfully miserable) - I let most of myself be me, but there are certain things I just don’t cut loose on. When I meet a friend who likes to let everything go and exist, oh, what a joy is that! Three friends come to mind. Three friends who reassured me that I could be me me me without apologies. But I know there is a bounty more! In the contra world, such friends are abundant.

It was wonderful hanging out with Richie these past few days. I left the island (back in November) then he left then I came back and then he came back. We managed to stay outside for around five hours yesterday morning (not counting the ride we hitched to the cove or the three minutes inside as we dropped our stuff off).

Being outside does my whole body and mind good (so long as I’m weather prepared). It’s stimulating in all the right ways without crossing into the overstimulating category. It encourages constant movement and spontaneity is made easy to not snuffle.

 I’m not sure, yet, what to think about these next sixteen days I have here. Probably devour a few books, blog a bounty, and cuddle with these lovely dog creatures (they are excellent napping companions, I’ve discovered - like sleeping with space heaters). I’ve got families I can hang out with, children to watch, and the visiting to Kyle and Alex, day visitors, and Joelle, for two nights, to look forward to.

And I want to use this time to get into a routine of chilling with Jesus. With life on the go, I’ve neglected him terribly which isn’t right at all! I’ve talked to him a wee bit, but some hardcore Jesus and Margaret time is long overdo. Maybe we’ll go for a walk - I bet he wouldn’t even mind the company of a bulldog with us.

Pardon the shades - they're for the privacy of the family.


  1. Cute pics!

    heyyy I'm assigning for the holiday card swap! Go ahead and send me your mailing addy to tamaranicole2@yahoo.com, super excited!!!

  2. These photos are amazing -- especially that last one!!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! hope to see you back, soon!

    allister bee blog

  4. Gorgeous photos! And yes I sing, twirl leap and jump when nobody is home too! XD


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