Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today It Is Tuesday Tuesday

Richard left, a few hours were alone in the home, and then Charlie and I headed out for a stroll to go find Kyle.

We went to the park, the beach, the other park, up and down mainstreet -- and I learned that walking with a dog is just like walking with a baby. People ask if she’s friendly and I can confidently say she is.

Not once, while we were out, did she jump on anyone or bark. Yes, she was stubborn a few times, but I’ll take stubborn over frantic any day (except for Thursdays). People seem to approach or avoid when I’ve got Charlie or Jakie with me.

After an hour outside, off the boat popped Kyle.

Kyle - whom I met in a warehouse in Portland and then saw in Seattle -- the only logical pattern would be to see him in the next major city up northwards, Vancouver (we’ll say Bowen Island is Vancouver, for pattern’s sake).


Hello Kyle.
Hello Kyle.

He brought a yam!

Clown school made him a fun play mate --- and he laughed.. a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. And that was wonderful. Stories. Laughter. Laughter. Stories.

We spent some time with freshly roasted almonds and the indoor swing-sling-chair-hammock (Ikea Ekorre Swing) before skittering off to the Knick Knack Nook.

Over a few creeks and through the woods to the Knick Knack Nook we went. Past the meadows and the hatchery our feet carried us. And it was closed.

We took the road way back to the Ruddy Potato (couldn’t afford anything) and then the Snug Cove General Store (Kyle bought me a jar of chickpeas - I get to make my mash!). By this point he was mumbling something about being hungry and yams.

Back we went to the house with a detour at the library where I picked up a few excellent books (Tin Tin, Emily of New Moon, Tolstoy, Pooh stories, and a Child’s Christmas in Wales) and the Pagemaster (1994) for kicks.

At the house, two excited dogs greeted us, and Kyle’s hunger continued. Some quinoa leftover from breakfast and the rest of the almonds satisfied until dinner.

For dinner, we threw the yams, carrots, and onions around in some olive oil, salt, and marjoram in a cast iron skillet. Around 35 minutes in the oven and the incredible feast was ready. So delicious. This is what my body likes.

Then we spoke of Morris dancing, swung, danced, made a fire, and watched the ferry come in... and realize he ought to be on that ferry and walked out to meet it.

What’s crazy about this location is that we can do just that. We can see the ferry come in, pack, walk casually to it, and still have at least 7 minutes till the last chance to board.

December, I like you.

We broke the pattern of going north.
I saw him down south in Santa Clara, California.

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