Friday, December 9, 2011

Two Bulldogs and I

No worries - I would never dress like this outside of the house. This is ownsome dressing for Bowen-afternoons alone.
Someone to house sit for seventeen days with two bulldogs... does that sound like me?

I'm not even going to pretend I am a dog person (if you must know, I am a fish person). When my brother was younger, he got bit by a pitbull. This instilled a deep fear of dogs in him, cynophobia, which he passed on in partiality to me. When going for walks, we would go out of our way, extensively, to avoid the "dogs residencies."

But he got better (thank you counseling) and I came to realize that if I was chill around dogs, they'd usually leave me alone.

So I heard about a family needing someone to come to their house in December. I decided to meet the dogs, see how the chemistry was between me and them.

I met them and loved them (kinda - as much as I could love a dog).

Charlie and Jake are their names, two sweet (and sometimes loud) girls.

Now I've been their soul caretaker for the past 4 days. The soul caretaker of two bulldogs.

I learned that bulldogs are the most excellent of cuddlers! Goodness, how they cuddle constantly (if I'd let them). And in this house that is heat solely with wood, they are like a welcome little portable furnace on my lap or by my side.

Do they snore outrageously? Yes.
Do they stick their face too close to my face all the time? Yes. Way too much. Like right now, Charlie won't stop trying to lick the computer screen.
Do they bark? Goodness, yes. And then I tell them, "No barking."

But they also are delightfully sweet and crave any attention I'll give them. I like taking them for walks most of all. That, I find to be delightful. Last night Charlie and I did the 3.4 kilometer walk up almost to Rivendell and back (I think I tired her out). Today I'll take Jake out for a stroll.

Mornings are our roughest times because I have to get them up and fed and let them go to the bathroom all before I head out to nanny. I can normally get up at 7:05 and be out the door by 8:05 in time to make it to my destinations at 9.

Mostly, though, they're super chill and sleep by the fire. They sleep. I read and type and craft and create food.

I won't say I wish I had a dog, right now. They bark and poop. Yes, they're sweet, but having them is a long commitment. But I'm really grateful for this opportunity to hang out with Charlie and Jake. It's helping me grow and learn to live with dogs, and I do like spending time with them (except for when they bark - can't say I have the same love for them like a momma to the baby, unconditional - this love has conditions).

Within 4 seconds of me sitting down, they're usually right next to me saying "Hey -- love us!"

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