Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Up On the Hill Top - Future Gazing - Alaska, Maine, Kentucky

Crawled up the hill, looking around Bowen. And this chapter of my life is about to come to a close. In two days, I'll be leaving-leaving-leaving Bowen Island. Then a quarter of community colllege and then...

What? It's decision making time again?

Here's what I've got to decide between.

Alaska. Maine. Kentucky.

And this would be starting in around April or May - after Winter quarter is over.

Alaska and Kentucky are for certain possible. Maine, not sure.

Portland, Maine.
I would be the nanny for three children.
It would rock.
And honestly, I think I could do a good, quality job for the family.
But this might not be possible.

Haines & Wilderness, Alaska
There's two ways this could go.
I would head up there with two mates (I highly recommend you check out that link, they're both lovely musicians) I met back in May. We got along beyond fine and they invited me to come back up to Alaska with them this year.
I could get a job up there, they said there are plenty of employment opportunities, in Haines or...
There's a chance I could be the nanny for a researcher from the UW with her wonderful daughter in the wilderness. I could also combine the two adventures into one. I'm meeting with the family in January.

This would be going to the Christian Appalachian Project and living with a community of other volunteers in a house and volunteering like it's a job. My application is in. I just have to tell them when.

But the very moment my dear friend Janice in Ontario gives me the signal, I will be prepared to fly right over.

What to do? What to do?
I do appreciate having such opportunities made available to me.

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