Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vegan Spelt Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

Cookies - a staple of Christmas, right? They go hand in hand with Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas mandarins, Christmas nutcrackers, and, er, Christmas socks! Christmas cookies.

It was December 17, 8 days before Christmas, and I hadn't had a single cookie yet.
It was time to take some action.

Problem is - cookies have a tendency to make me sick and addicted. Addicted to the sugar. Sick from the sugar. But they taste oh so good...

Also, I'm in a different house with the ingredient supply situation out of my hands. I haven't spotted a single dairy product in the house. But I did have spelt flour (which is good news - I'm usually pretty good with spelt flour) from the Adams.

A Google search of "spelt vegan gingerbread" brought me to Tiffany's blog, Live. Learn. Love. Eat.

Last month she put up her recipe for Spelt Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies. BINGO!

Ingredients like spelt flour, sea salt, ground ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, and vanila were called for. Check out her blog for the recipe. Not white sugar. No white flour.

For the "fat" it called for canola oil - but I used a half applesauce and half olive oil substitution with complete success.

The cookies came out delightfully fluffy and flavourful. I handed them out to other Black Sheep Morris Dancers with full approval.

The vegan spelt gingerbread cookies - dang, these things were quite good. Fantastic texture. Easy to cut out. It's a recipe I recommend with full vigour.

And now I've got my Christmas cookie fix for the year. In 12 months, it'll be time to pull out this recipe again.

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