Friday, December 2, 2011

WI-FI and Grey Skyes

Bike, train, boat - top three favourite forms of travel.

And right now, I write to you from the train. That picture right there? That's the view from my seat. Trains come with abundant foot room. Free wi-fi. Incredible views. The price is just as cheap as many Craigslist rideshares.They're fast and efficient. In terms of the enviroment, after walking and cycling, trains are just about as good as it gets for a kid like me.

But taking a train does leave a carbon footprint, which I offset at the Carbon Fund. This helps me be more carbon neutral (I promise you earth, I do care!).

Here I am, heading back up to Canada for the third time this Fall. Back home? Back up? Back where?

Bowen Island certainly feels like home right now. It feels like home when all I do in Seattle is stick around for a week before running back across the border (hoping, each time, the border control will admit me once again).

The L'Abri term is over, but I've still got things to do up there - housesitting, chilling with two bulldogs, and nannying around the island. What else to do with a month like December with no obligations? I can exist for free and get some reading done. Hike and roll.


I was just thinking - customs with the train is also pretty rad. Who doesn't like getting locked into a cage when they enter a new country with only one small exit that is protected by a bounty of Canadian Mounty.

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