Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 Years Worth of Photographs of January 28th

I've been documenting my life for 6-7 years now. I decided to take a linear look at the passing time.

14 Years old
8th Grade

These shots were taken as I was putting together my History Day display on hobos. At this point, I was the Hobo Girl (and managed to become a story retold to future passing classes). I spent my research time emailing with hobos currently living the life (library computers were their internet source) or settled down into the status as a honourary hobo.

My computer desktop picture was a highly over-edited image of Jenny Porter sitting, writing in her journal in the Dominican Republic. 

At that point, I was really into Post-It notes.

I only had two faces.

For a short period of time, my camera was malfunctioning. I grabbed these shots, making the most of what I thought would be an unfortunate situation.

15 Years Old
9th Grade

It was Colour Day at my junior high. Each grade was assigned a different colour. Naturally, we had pink. We played ¿Quién es Quién? in our clase de español and it looks like ensembles were performed in orchestra.

Yes. These were the awkward years.

16 Years Old
Sophomore Year

A destroyed gingerbread house and turkey crafting nights for Gidol made up my life outside of school on this day. It was a pretty typical school day, English and History were documented. After school, the Key club got together to make valentines for... probably for soldiers.

Oh Maia! I was babysitting Maia, at this point, two to four hours a week. She would've been two years old, at this point. It was definitely a day for dancing and the Aquadoodle.

17 Years Old
Junior Year

This was my year abroad in Switzerland. Definitely one of the finest years I've had. Sergio (Dad), Ana, Jorge (Big Brother) and I went up to Melchsee-Frutt for a day of skiing and snowboarding. I got to spend a lot of time up there, sometimes for a week at a time, because my family owned a cabin/chalet at the top.

Post Melchsee-Frutt day called for hot chocolate and the bus ride back to Sachseln.

18 Years Old
Senior Year

Finally, the last year of high school. Days started with Dutch Babies, preparing to be at school by 7:00 AM. This was one of my first times, this year, to take the bus home after school and walk up with the Hill-Crew. I was just starting to get to know Charlotte, Sean, Katie, and Julia who were all a year or two younger than I. Where are we all now? Harvard. Washington State University. University of Washington. University of Puget Sound. And then my school.

Still an avid square dancer, Wednesday nights were spent with the Shirts-n-Skirts.

19 Years Old

Kurt had given me a slackline and I wasn't sure how to set it up, nor did I have the strength to do it on my own. Brendan and I met up at the junior high, figured it out, and he was quick to pick it up. Me, on the other hand? I managed to twist my ankle.

20 Years Old

I went to a rally at the state capital in Olympia against budget cuts in education. I was thrilled to see two of my favourite people there, Monica and Joelle.

I wonder what will happen January 28, 2012?

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