Monday, January 9, 2012

Back To School - Today Is My Last Day of "Summer"

Today is my last day of "summer."
Summer? Sort of.

I've never gone to school in the autumn since I've had the choice to go to school. Fall is my top top favourite season and I don't want to spend it in the classroom (I had to explain this to the customs officer a few months ago). I'd rather spend my fall in a memorable-Mägi-way and go to school in the summer. If you've not ever gone to class in the summer, you're missing out. Summer classes have a more chilled, relaxed feel to them - almost like going to summer camp as a kid.

One of the best things about taking fall quarter off is I get the longest break (or what many consider to be a "summer break"). How many days has it been since I was last at school? 151 days. That's 4 months and 30 days (we might as well say 5 months). That's 42% of the year! 42? Perfect. That leaves only 58% of the year which I spend in school doing the equivalent of 75% of the year's work.

This quarter I'll be going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 PM till 8:50 PM (with a four or so hour break in the midst of my two classes). I am taking four classes total, two of which are online.

Today was a beautiful time in Seattle. I think I'll save notes for another day. But it definitely felt like "the last day of summer."

Here we go, Winter Quarter 2012.
Here we go.

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  1. great photos! I definitely love summer classes, I totally understand the feeling you were talking about. Good luck this term !!


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