Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back Up North :: Pasta, Whirls, and Jam

Yes. Yes I have missed Canada a bit this past month.

29 days after leaving, a return was managed.

The reason?

The invigorating world of contra, of course. Specifically, this was a celebration of Emily's birthday.

Not having a car can have quite the effect on making plans. You're limited to the plans of others (or convincing them to go along with your plan) or forking over the cash for a ticket ($60 for a a roundtrip train ticket).

I was knee deep in Craigslist rideshare ads when word came in that Derek was heading up ("I'm planning on coming up from Seattle. Magi I'd be happy to drive you.") for the same event. I celebrated. I clapped my hands.

2:30 PM - Departure on Saturday from Seattle.
5:30 PM - Arrival in Vancouver with an hour to spare. We wandered Gastown. It was a time to discover that it really wasn't as creepy as I had remembered it to be from a high school experience.

6:45 PM - Group gathering for pasta consumption. Bucky balls. Face paints. Split plate of rice noodles with browned butter and mizithra cheese. Culture books. Engaging conversation.

I'd say I was in some of the finest of company.

As usual, contra did not let me down.
Does it ever?

Dessert at True Confections, where Keegan works.

Tammy made us delightful, wonderful waffles. I felt very satisfied.

Breakfast jam. Both the noun and verb jam.

Leftover pasta. Not sure who's.
Watching Derek consume it straight from the dish while driving was amusing.

Scotty eats sideways.

Gifts of little importance for an important Emily.

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  1. You and your camera take beautiful clear photos! Well done.


Your words make me grin.

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