Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Dangers of Drinking Pop vs. Hitchhiking.

It was a family shopping trip (sort of) and I was all set with spinach, kefir, and coconut water. For the third time, I had lost my family (the parentals kept scattering each time I took a moment to compare the cost per pint of a product) and was wandering the aisles looking for them.

Then, there they were in the chip and pop aisle.
The aisle of evil!

I'll be frank with you - I hate pop. Out of all the research I've done on it, it's vicious evil stuff that will destroy you! A bit of an overreaction, yes, but I still feel passionate about folks not drinking pop. If you want some fizz, grab some kombucha.

And there they were, getting four HUGE things of it.
(yes, I acknowledge they don't guzzle it - but to me that's irrelevant in this situation where I feel none of that stuff should pass your lips)

And I love these people so much. I don't want them drinking that crap.

I begged them not to buy it. I pleaded. I reasoned.
I got wound up.
They got wound up.

Midst the mid-aisle debate, they justified drinking pop by saying...

I do dangerous things too - like hitchhiking. How can I say they shouldn't drink pop when I hitchhike?

It was along those lines.

I want to sneak out at night, to their stash (we don't keep it in the house), and pour it all out.


  1. haha! your family is so funny, by comparing pop with hitchhiking! :D

  2. I guess they have a good point, but I won't drink that stuff either!


Your words make me grin.

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