Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Funding Friends - Kickstarter and IndieGogo

The rising of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have opened new doors for independent artists. These websites enable the public to invest in future projects that needs the funding to begin.

It's a beautiful system. The artist/creator comes up with a project, a budget, and posts it with incentives to the public for investing - often in the form of the actual project to come such as the album, signed merchandise, and personal events for those who fork over cash in the thousands.

If the goal amount raised is earned, the artist gets the cash. But if they don't make it to their goal, no one gets charged.

Lately, some folks I'm familiar with have been trying to gather up some cash on these sites. I'm pointing them out to you as I think they're fantastic-talents and worth a listen.

First we have Mr. Moo. Who? It's Milo!

The blues scene (and pretty much anyone else who has heard him) loves him. Dancing to him has always been a surreal experience. He's got his base tracks that he's composed and then he fiddles away over them to go with the mood of the dance or whatever's in his head in the moment. I first heard Milo in Colorado at an old marble mill site.


Then there's the Mongrel Jews with Aaron Shay, Sarah Shay, and Annie Hughes. I first ran into Aaron and Sarah (and perhaps Annie?) at Camp Feather. It was a no-talking event, so my first introduction to Sarah was when she passed me a paper that said, "Do you follow blues?" and I enthusiastically nodded. I had met Aaron out front on the grass before the event as we waited to be let in.

I also encountered them in a ravine. This music is real and I can't say I even know where to start in describing it. They're a street folk band that just sort of hits you in the shins and settles in.

Give a listen and get your money out. They're worth it.


  1. Mongrel Jews? The name alone is worth a listen! :-)

  2. You have some fabulous friends!

  3. wow! i really like your musical taste!
    it's so cool that thanks to the internet bands like the mongrel jews get a bigger audition!


Your words make me grin.

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