Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Muppethon, Mead, Making Bread, and the Quest for Turkish Delight

Yesterday, we finally got to have the Muppethon.

The search for any available Muppet movies to watch started at 1:30 PM with Eric, Alex, and I, as many of the Muppet movies we were counting on were locked away in Eric's dorm. We scanned the thrift store shelves, library systems, and Blockbuster racks for anything bearing the Muppet name with little success. Blockbuster was loaded, but only selling movies for $10 with no renting option.

Prepared with the Muppet movies I had from our collection, we were welcomed to Michael's apartment in Queen Anne for the next 12 hours.

A gourd was tossed around as furniture was shifted for an optimum viewing experience.

The Muppet Movie of 1979 did not disappoint as my childhood was explained to me. Quirks and traditions of my family showed up and I finally understood why my mom always sings, "This seems familiar, vaguely familiar..." The slap-stick pun-infested comedy encouraged out loud laughing and knee slapping.

Muppet Treasure Island was the follow-up - another theme movie of my childhood. I hadn't seen it in at least 10 years and was delighted in the memories it released. At one point, I remember having the feeling, "Miss Piggy is going to scream the word 'altar' soon." And sure enough, she did.

After the two films, we had some hungry kids on hand. We desired homemade bread to be made. Someone wanted to explore mead. Somehow Turkish delight got thrown in there. And I just wanted a steaming hot bowl of phở.

We packed the four of us into Michael's '65 VW Bug and roared over the hill to Phở Than Brothers.

Within minutes, we each had a giant bowl of soup to devour. Instant satisfaction. We were amused by a few rounds of pick-up sticks with chopsticks balanced on Alex's bowl.

Metropolitan Market?
Both were mead-less and without any sign of Turkish delight.

We went back home, made a few calls, did a little research, and headed out to the Fremont PCC where a selection of two types of mead greeted us - sweet twin bottles of honey wine to choose from.

The drink "of kings and poets" was purchased and we made it back home to discover what mead was all about with Jason Webley as a soundtrack. Oh! Oh! Oh! How... I don't even know how to describe the taste of wine. But it was incredible and enjoyed.

We watched a few episodes of the Muppet Show.
Read out loud.

And made some whole-wheat trail-mix and maple bread that was finished at 2 AM. We didn't have any salt in the house so we soaked some trail-mix in water, hoping some salt from that would work itself in.

Despite out lack of faith in the loaf, the fresh-from-the-oven loaf ended up having a beautiful texture and delectable flavour when paired with butter.

 The Muppethon was definitely a success and I now feel inspired to learn some Muppet tunes on the uke.

Huzzah for dry writing! Oi....

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