Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Post on Throwing Up

I have a tendency to post the joyous little bits of life. That's what I want to remember. I also figure that's what folks might have a semi-interest in. But if I did write about the gross parts of life, it would look like this:

Pan next to the pillow? You know what that means.

Growing up, I had an acute phobia of throwing up. Whenever anyone would even cough with brief violence, I would cower in fear that more than just air and mucus would be on the move.

I had over a 13 year vomiting hiatus.

And then, last year, oh goodness, I could not control my stomach.

That's when I learned it wasn't so bad. Now I understand that throwing up means you'll feel better than you felt before.

Once again, last night, I felt nauseous to the extreme. That nausea where, once it hits, you feel like you're racing to get to bed because all you want to do is curl up into a ball. The worst is when you wake up and still feel miserable. That's when I usually realize that I'm going to be spending some quality time with the porcelain throne.

At 1:32 AM, I woke up. Still felt ill. Realized what was going to happen and wasn't pleased. I headed for the bathroom and grabbed any hair tie I could find as the clock kept ticking towards the time where I would be hopelessly down on my knees. The hair tie was woven into a necklace and both were used to pull my hair back.

I turned the lights on.
And went and turned them off again.


And then my body did its thing... and I felt a whole lot better.

That's the beautiful thing! Throwing up makes you feel like a champion!

I felt horrible, but I called my mom over because I really wanted some water to get rid of the taste, but didn't feel as if it were safe to get it myself. She is a wonderful lady.

The other thing is I hate being alone in misery in the bathroom. She is so incredible! She stood by the doorway and talked to me a bit before heading back to bed.

I was in bed by 1:57 AM and felt a lot better.

This morning, I felt drained but not too miserable. I just called my sociology professor to see if I could get excused for today. He said that was definitely ok and that I should rest up, maybe take in some of the sunshine too.

And that is what happens when I blog about things that no one wants to read about.
"What the *interjection* Mägi! Why did you just write this?"

Update: Apparently when you throw up, sometimes the blood vessels in your face break and you get a splotchy face that doesn't go away for a wee bit.

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