Monday, January 23, 2012

Running Into Folks In Vancouver -- It's a Habit

If you know me well, you might know that I have a tendency to run into people I know with frequency.

I tested this out in Vancouver (where I only know a small handful of folks) at the library back in September. I sat down on a bench, and before I could finish my first sandwich, by walked Miguel, a boy I had back in Switzerland in 2007.

Post-contra, the Emily corralled the crew to a dessert restaurant on Broadway as the final touch to her birthday celebration. As we walked down the street, things started to look familiar.

"This is, this is where my friend works.... Wait! We're going to a dessert restaurant?! I think that's where Keegan works!" I exclaimed while running up and down the streets with a bag of potatoes, distributing them in gardens and bike baskets.

Upon reaching Broadway and Alma, I sprinted towards the restaurant! That was Keegan's restaurant!

Of all the hundreds of restaurants in the city of Vancouver, we went to the one where a mate of mine works. I find that to be ridiculous

I ran in, looked around, and spotted the good sir and rejoiced!
So good to see Keegan again!

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