Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Hours of Graffiti :: Tagging the College

The vivid, decorated bikes on the front of the bus were a clear sign, to me, that today was going to be a fantastic day.

And there was Milo! Carpenter glasses and all, heading to the same school as I for the day, with his charming girlfriend Amanda. We used our time efficiently on the bus to laugh, dance, and tell stories. That's when he invited me to come paint at 3 PM. I took him up on it.

I told the Thai man next to me that I loved how happy you are.
"Because you clean!" He told me. Then he told me to smell his arm and I told him it smelled very clean.

When we arrived at school, I just wanted to embrace the campus. I do! I do enjoy it here!

Library - finish Sociology homework through till next next Monday like a champion and look at Geppato's Junkyard puppets.

Class - two hours of not much in sociology.

Paint time. But... where?

I searched the school and found the building I thought he would be in. A peak through a few windows and Milo had been spotted. A duck across the rabbit path and I was in the giant garage. There, with Milo, was the lad I had met at the busstop a whlie ago at around midnight on my way home from a contra dance! And the same lad I had ran into and chatted with on Tuesday post-speech class.

Equipped with armloads of spraypaint, we marched to the stage where the actors were just finishing up their practice.

If you look for me on the program of the play, you'll find me under "artists," as we were the painters of the set that day.

Ruby was our go-to expert and she equipped us with stencils and basic instructions that I could follow - layer and texture. I'm familiar with Ruby from my days at Inglemoor (we ate lunch on the grass with/by each other on the occasion) and I ran into her at my folk's church one morning (that's another story in itself).

I was assigned to a big black slat. By the end, this is what it looked like:

And so forth and so on we created and created for the next couple of hours. The modge podged group tagged away, adding in years and years of conflicting fictional gangs.

I was thrilled when Carole, my best friend, showed up! I got to spraypaint her pants. She was definitely in her element…. completely and totally. Carole is, beyond a doubt, an artist in every good sense of the word. From the way she moves to how her brain functions. I love that girl so much!

I also got to meet Edwina who graduated from Evergreen. Someone familiar with Oly? Indeed! Love her laugh! She's now working in social work. I definitely want to see her again someday… and I shall. We're going to cook vegetables together someday.

But after a while, two hours of fumes generated by a crew of around eight folks does get to the brain.... Now I feel a bit foggy. I think some brain cells might have died today.

We're not done yet. There's still quite a bit to be completed. But my portion is done.

It was a pretty rad way to spend an afternoon - tagging the college and creating graffiti on the biggest canvas I've ever experienced.

You can't tell from the image but the floors and walls are covered in graffiti. This was when we were around 60% done for the day.
As I left from studying, post painting, to my final 6:30 class, I spotted John (who I've known since 2001) who showed me the mural he was working on in the gaming room. Guess the whole world was painting today! That means a lot of people were feeling good. Art = Serotonin Release.

This day was sponsored and charged up by a morning bowl of roasted yams, carrots, and rosemary:

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