Thursday, January 26, 2012

Value Village and the Employee Who Followed Me Around and Gave Me $5

The always sky seems to open up and pour its guts out on me right as I am about to leave home to catch that bulky bus that promises to carry me to the mysterious land of school.

This is a trend I've noticed lately. And, this morning, for once I simply wasn't in the mood to board the bus as a soggy child. I packed for the next 29 hours and hopped in the automobile to accompany my mom to her work where I could catch an alternative bus that wouldn't require a mile of damp trenching (I promise you, normally, me and the rain are fully and compatibly in love - I know what city I'm from).

She dropped me off right next to...

Bus stop.
Value Village.
Value Village.
Bus stop.

They were right next to each other. I had over two hours until my classes began and I decided to make my way over to the store that always guarantees the widest, wildest pattern, colour, era, and textile selection than any other store I've dropped my money into.

I grabbed the rolling basket and head to the far southern corner to where the ladies vests were.

Walking down the back of the store, the twenty-year-old employee wished me a wonderful day and I returned the wishings to him.

Half-way through the vest rack, I managed to spot the green twin vest of the maroon vest belong to Ethan of the Retrospectacles. Olive green. Black corduroy yolks. Nothing beats a solid yoke, yo. Vest with mirrors. Tweed vest. Leather vest.

During my attempts at discovering the perfect twirly dress, he came back and pardoned himself as he put back some items. He apologized for interrupting my important shopping time and that's when the conversations started....

and continued to go on for the next hour at the store.

I would leave for another part of the store and he just sort of followed behind. No, not sort of. He did follow. Scarves, sheets, fish bowls. He was always one step behind me.

We bantered back and forth and I continued to shop.

I learned that, apparently, I am interesting, funny, cute, exciting, etc. I would make a comment. He would engage in conversation and then throw in a complement and inform me that, as a Native American, he was capable of projecting images into my brain. I promise you, he was not hitting on me. We discussed that. The other employees discussed that.

He would remember an item and we would both sprint through the store to look at it, my rolling basket nearly careening as I dodged poles and flew around corners.

His lunch break came and asked if I'd like to take it with him. I said I had to finish up and go to school. He said he would see soon me after break... and then he came out with his lunch and proceeded to hang out with me as my search for the perfect garments continued. It was in the sweater section that his sandwich was assembled and consumed in the long sleeved knits.

It was clear he wasn't going anywhere and, quite frankly, I enjoyed his company and love laughing with others.

I ended up taking home the four items on the right.
Around 11:52 AM, it was time for me to try on my finds and he had to clock back in. I tried on everything I had acquired, selected four items, and went to the cash register. He ran up and did a double stop right next to me and I showed him the final selection. He approved of each item and I asked about his employee discount.

"If only you had asked me when I was at lunch, then I could've. Wait! Come with me!"

We ran, again, through the store at full pace and he pulled out his wallet and gave me $5.

"There's the employee discount."

I gave him a hug and, for some reason, took the money, bought my things, and headed out.
Ahhhh --- please don't judge to heavily on the fact that I actually took the money. I have a habit of taking money without hesitation when people offer it.

That store never disappoints.

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