Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alaska :: Concrete Reality

So we're supposed to be in Alaska by mid-April? Early April?

What does that leave me? 50 days, I think. I think it's around 50 days till we'll leave for Alaska.
Definitely less than two months.

I don't know that I've mentioned this yet. Alaska is actually becoming a concrete reality of something that is, as of now, going to happen.

Who is the "we" that are going. I'm not sure. Maybe more. Not less. But we'll have Tyler, Andrew, and I from Seattle to Haines and then back to Seattle eventually (unless I feel that my normal bouts of joy are being inhibited, then I'd come back early without them). I've met them both on a Thursday in May, then the next day I saw them again through Saturday. Then I saw them for around 2 hours in September. They seem like solid folks, though, in multiple ways.

What is my hesitation? My only reservation?

Contra dancing! Ahhh! I really don't want to leave the Pacific Northwest Contra Scene behinds. I really don't want to leave it at all. I don't want to leave these wonderful people and dance opportunities. I left contra for three-four months this year and missed it a bounty. I need my three to six to nine to sixteen hours of sweaty spinning each week.

But these are my only hesitations, at this moment. I can't think of anything else holding me back in Washington state. My hesitation is leaving contra behind.

My goal? Get to Alaska by April 15th for the Alaska Folk Festival where I can dance.
And if I stay till the first week in August, the Retrospectacles will come up to Juneau for a dance camp I could attend.

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