Thursday, February 2, 2012

Half Birthday Celebrations

There's something you need to know about my family. It's really important.

We like half birthdays. We love them! Especially my dad.
We even find it important to celebrate them.

I started the half birthday celebrations the night before my dad's big day. About two weeks ago, someone mentioned yeast waffles.

Yeast waffles? Why had I not heard of these yet. Or if I had heard of them, hadn't eaten them?

I didn't have an good answer so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make some up.

Whole wheat flour + yeast + coconut oil + water + milk + eggs + honey.
Over night.
Fluffy and ready for baking by morning.

6:24 AM, I rose and tuned into the White Girl Radio Hour hosted by one of my favourite people, Tucker, and a girl who's lovely, I'm sure, named Emlyn. It started with some rousing K-Pop and ended with an engaging reading of Emily Dickonson's "I'm Nobody! Who Are You?" By 7 PM, waffles were being churned out every 4.5 minutes or so.

Table set with coconut water, kefir, and waffle toppings.

The family ate breakfast together.

And then, mid-meal, my dad has this song stuck in his head that he doesn't know. Baa ba ba ba he sang to me, and I couldn't pick it. "It's like a song you listened to in Switzerland."

"Frans Liedje?"
And I started to sing, "Avec moi dans tes bras, tout est magnifique!" and, bingo, we had a winner!

Frans Liedje (French Love) is a Dutch song with French influences that I was introduced to by Astrid and Fabian of the Netherlands back in 2006.

You need to listen to it so you can be amused at the fact that it was stuck in my poor father's head.. and after he hadn't heard it for around five years. I'm impressed.

His Facebook page (which he almost never checks) was full of half birthday greetings. He discovered the puzzling world of tagged photographs.

Overall, a joyous morning.
Had some spinach to balance things out.
I like this household.

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