Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Hold Nothing Against You Valentines Day :: In Fact, I Rather Think I Enjoy You

Valentines day.

Know what that means?

It means that Facebook should be avoided for a day as folks post their either loathing or joy in the day of love. Many attempt to be witty. A handful will refer to "Singles Awareness Day." A more lovelier bunch will wish me a "Happy Valentines Day," and I'll take their wishes to heart and have a happy day.

And where do I stand?

I think it's a lovely day. Celebrating it has always been amusing. Last year, a handful of the Mob family (the flash mob community) and I headed for Capital Hill armed with flowers, chocolates, and I had pocketfuls of old slides. We skittered around as Seattle sprinkled down on us, handing our treats out to strangers, wishing them wonderful Valentines day.

At school, I handed out Valentines Day buttons I had made to people who captured my eye. For many, they told me it was the only valentine they would receive that year.

In 2009, the Seattle Improvement Society went and did a freeze at the Seattle Center. Roswita from Switzerland was visiting. She, Brent, Christian, and I went up in the Ferris Wheel before heading over to the EMP Sound-Off where Dyno Jamz were champions.

2010 was devoted to cheering for our favourite Olympian.

Valentines day is not a day devoted to feeling sorry for yourself. If you're stuck in that rut, you don't sound like someone I'd be keen to know. You can either be oblivious to this day (acceptable choice) or rejoice in it.

Goodness! This day is to show your affection for others! How rad is that?!

I'm sure being with someone is swell. But I'm just as certain that where I am right now is definitely where I want to be right now. On this day, I don't want to be attached to someone, not when I'm only 21 years and 4 months old. Maybe when I'm 21 years and 5 months, but not 4 months.

Here's 2011's take on Valentines Day that I posted on the Book of Faces:

I can barely keep track of the numbers - of how many people either dissed Valentines Day (commenting on cards and chocolate or money), wittingly called it "Singles Awareness Day," or wished this happy day, ever so personally, to the world through their status update.

How did I celebrate this day? How'd I spread the love?

Through the three happiest things I know: buttons, tea, and slides.

I made up a set of Valentine's buttons before school and attached them to bags of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea. Those were for row and bus mates and dreary looking folks around the SCC campus.

Then, in the evening, me and the other mobbers took to the streets of Capital Hill sharing the joy and love we had. We were armed, as mobbers should be, with flowers, chocolates, and I brought at least 132 slides.

We raced the streets, encountering folks who were in the same story/windy/rainy circumstance as us, and hand handed out goods wishing them a wonderful night.

"Happy Valentines Day!"

We wandered into nail and hair salons, showering everyone within with chocolate kisses, slides, and smiles.

It was wonderful to look people in the eye and wish them a Happy Valentines Day. I loved looking back to see my path of destruction - people holding up little slides to the street lamps and then tucking them into their wallets to pull out again later.

On the bus, I handed them to those folks that looked pretty, well, down. One woman looked miserable but after the slide, she didn't stop smiling for the rest of the bus trip. Another man I gave the slide to looked like he was going to cry as he said thanks. Not sure what was going on there...

Anyways, this day could be all about moping around being single. But, truth is, being single is how I want to be at this point in life. It's not something I need to change or am discontent about. Valentine's day isn't a day to be bitter. It's a pretty fantastic day to make other folks smile and a good excuse to give away small gifts.

And it looks like, even a year later, my brain is still in the place it was last year with nothing new to say. Maybe that's something I need to work on...

Tonight's Valentines day will be celebrated with phở and a jazz jam at Owl 'n' Thistle along with an evening class that goes till 8:50 PM. Love this day.

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  1. Hey Magi! I remember that tea bag with the Valentines button you gave me in class! I was so grateful, I just wanted to say that gift is and always will be appreciated!

    It was actually the only gift I had that day and to be honest, it was a bad week. You are an amazing person who has the ability to spread life and joy to everyone around you! Thank you!- Rich


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