Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is This What It's Like to Be "Normal"?

I am so normal that I take self portraits in front of my sock wall while being patriotically Lego Star Wars-clad. Shame on me for taking a self portrait. I wanted to document that my hair was crazy crimped after Hannah's braiding of it was left in for three days.
Sometimes I have magical days like today.

Today, I just did a solid four hour session of homework.
Oh the joys of hyper-focusing capabilities combined with the power of meds.

I arose at 6:12 AM to make Melanie french toast and popcorn and say good-bye as she heads back to L'Abri. It was refreshingly wonderful to see her again.

I allowed myself some unrestrained introvert time from 7:05 - 9:03 AM.

(I haven't had any intro-time since Wednesday last week, it's been solid people the rest of the time except for a two hour break on Friday:
Thursday - school until 8:50 PM, straight to contra till 11 PM, straight to work
Friday - work from 6:45 AM until mid-day, leave for concert in Seattle by 5:45 PM, Scotty comes over
Saturday - go to Bellingham with same kid, hang out with Alex and Kelli and see Venice and Vienna, straight to contra dancing, straight from contra to Canada
Saturday through Monday - Canada in wonderful house with 7-9 other folks
Monday - leave Canada 6:30 AM straight to picking up Melanie who stays until Wednesday morning, Tractor Tavern square dance in evening
Tuesday - school until 8:50 PM, straight to concert with Mel and Alex until 11 PM)

9:04 AM I began my assignments.
And kept going.

  • Geology Pre-Lab Quiz
  • Geology Lab 5.1
  • Geology Quiz
  • Study guide for next week's Geology midterm
  • 35 minutes on Sociology of Families outline

And I was about to make some soup, but instead, I think I'll just keep working.

Is this what it's like for normal people?
Is this how it works when I see other students doing their homework?

They just think, "Golly, now would be a swell time to get this stuff done. Why? Because it needs to get done. I'll do it now." And then they do it.

I am driven by the motivation of achieving that "I'm finished!" feeling.

Such satisfaction in the feelings of accomplishment.
Time to get back to work because there's a whole lot more of it to do. I want to get completed up through next Tuesday.


Your words make me grin.

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