Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sleeping Around :: [numbers, photo compilation, listings]

Out of the past 26 weekends (exactly half a year), I have spent only four full weekends at home in Seattle. The other 22 have been spent in partiality or totality elsewhere.
One was Christmas.
One was Thanksgiving.
One was my grandparents’ anniversary.
And as for the only weekend spent in Seattle in 2012, that one was here due to a fabulous dance camp.

Beyond that, weekends have taken me to Bowen Island, BC; Vancouver, BC; Naniamo, BC; Chehalis, BC; Langley, BC; Whistler, BC; Bellingham, WA; Olympia, WA; Cle Elum, WA; Lopez Island, WA, etc. I’ve “laid me down to sleep" on around 18 different beds, bunk-beds, couches, and mats these past few whiles. I’ve slept in my tent in the snow, in beds squished between others, on buses, trains, cars, and ferries, on three different islands, and off the trail up the the overgrown hill in the middle of the trees.

If we extended this count to all of 2011, I’ve slept on a roofs (the first night into the new year), in the hay, in the most wondrous art house in the company of 80 dancers, in my tent all set up in a warehouse and flat in Portland, hotel in Austin, Cupcake Manour, fields, Purple House, Big Yellow House, an old quarry, in a crawl space hole attic place, and you can add yet another island to the mix.

I wonder where I’ll end up next weekend...

Photos are of most of the places I slept in 2011 although there's a handful of missing places of beds such as at Emily's place in Langley, BC; Nina's place on Vancouver Island; Joelle's place; the Ranch, Cle Elum, WA; L'Abri, Bowen Island, BC; Mary-Ann's, Bowen Island, BC....

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  1. your life sounds so adventurous!!
    all those different sleeping places! :D
    is the upper first picture the one when you slept on the roof?? :D


Your words make me grin.

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