Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"So You're Alive" - California Weekend Exploration - 1,800 Miles With Beautiful Strangers

"So you're alive!" was my greeting as I entered the campus library this morning. It was my favourite librarian who had heard of my plans Thursday afternoon.

"And where did you end up going?"

And this is the quick summery she was given.

"Thursday night a man from Craigslist drove me to Portland where I stayed with the girl I met in the warehouse. In the morning, another Craigslist ride drove me to Berkeley where I danced and met up with someone who let me crash their place in San Francisco. We made it down to Palo Alto and stayed with a girl from Singapore in her hotel in Santa Clara. From there, Caltrain to San Francisco. Bus to Sacramento. Bus to Portland. Ride to Seattle. Arrived at 2 AM."

That is almost the briefest summery I can give.

Wait! Let me try again.

Seattle -> Portland -> Berkeley -> San Francisco->  Palo Alto -> Santa Clara -> San Francisco -> Sacramento -> Portland -> Seattle

Bold implies that I slept there.

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