Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wandering Food :: Sustenance When Traveling

Even though food always seems to show up in bizarre and unexpected ways, when I skitter, wander, and travel about, I like to have a small stash of food to sustain me (such as when I’m on the bus from 6 AM one morning until 2 AM the next day).

These are the foods I traveled to California with, and foods I’ve brought to munch on the road:

- Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes - Salt Free (non GMO)
This is my grain of choice (only because quinoa doesn't count as a grain). Me and brown rice get along pretty well and, unlike bread, rice cakes travel well. Yes, sometimes they turn into a very loose blend of puffed grains, but they taste fantastic and don’t make me feel gross. No sodium. 0.5 grams of fat per full cake. 18 grams of 100% whole grain per serving and full of fiber. And, apparently eating rice produces serotonin.

This is a huge staple, for me. I love carrots. Love ‘em! They’re crunchy and crazy and filling and I can eat them for hours. I like to always have a bag of them on hand. I think I could live off of these things. Unfortunately, they keep making my skin a peculiar orangeish-yellow colour so I look all jaundiced.

- Unsweetened Creamy SoyNut Butter (non GMO)
Sometimes, you want more than just brown rice. And sometimes, my body needs more than just carrots and rice. That’s why I carry around a small jar of soynut butter. No, not peanut butter. I’m allergic to almond butter, even though I love it. Protein is a huge mood changer for me, so a spoonful of this stuff can change my attitude in a moment.

- Theo Fig, Fennel, and Almond Dark Chocolate
It's a go-to thank-you-for-having-me gift. I need to start carrying more of these around. Local chocolate can make, in my opinion, a decent small gift to say, “Dude, thanks. You totally rock my socks!” 70% cacao. Vegan. Local. Fair trade. Organic. All set. I picked out this bar for Mackenzie.
There's even a TEDtalk about 'em.

- Rolled Oats
I like to keep a bag of oats on me at all times. They’re light, super cheap, easy to prepare, filling, and perfect for those times where you would eat anything and just need a small bite to keep you sustained. It might cost me $0.15-24 for a small bag. I can eat them raw when I find myself desperate.

- Strawberries, Sweet Potatoes, Water

So that’s how I roll and that’s what I’m eating today. Brown rice cakes, soynut butter, and carrots... lots of carrots. I think I have an orange I might eat too. Simple and filling. All that I’m really, really missing is some greens. I let myself indulge in some sort of food that will get me more vegetables sometime during the day such as a Subway sandwich with as many veggies as they'll give me (no meat or cheese) or a cup of soup.

Written on February 27th, 2012 when on the road from Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon.

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  1. You eat WAY healthier than I do. Good for you :)


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