Monday, March 19, 2012

Bus Lessons: Be Flexible

One thing years of public transportation have taught me is that, unless I want to feel like a ball of anxious goo, I have to be flexible; I have to learn to let it go.

Which is really hard.

Sometimes (next-to-nearly-almost-always), things in life are completely out of our hands. Unforeseeable circumstances control our future and, even though we can do things to try and take the reigns, it always seems like someone puts my life in a jar and shakes things up - like, you know how those ants build tunnels in the ant farms and then a kid comes along and shakes it. All that hard work, the paths laid, gone.

On a bigger side scale that deserves it's own post:
Every time I try and make a plan, God comes along and says, "Nah - I have something better for you You might not get why or what, but it's going to put you where I need you." When I try and take control of my own life and do it on my own strength, things crumble on down. Humble time. Humble time.

With the bus, it’s just learning to let go of day to day things. I am learning to relax when circumstances that I can’t control don’t go how I’d like them to.

Want my current example?

My bus was supposed to come at 6:21 PM. It came at 6:57 PM.
That’s a 36 minute difference!

In that time that I spent waiting at the bus stop, I could have nearly driven all the way to my destination and back home.

Currently, I am spending over two hours in transit to get to a dance that is three hours long.

Do the math.

2 hours there + 2 hours home = 4 hours in transit
3 hours of dancing (which will now be more like 2-2.5 hours if it isn’t sold out yet).

And, in all those numbers, I could get pretty frustrating because, you know what?, it is frustrating.

However, I’m the one who chose to take the bus and not be an automobile driver.
I could be driving if I thought that getting places in my own time was a priority over money.
And since I chose this, I need to be ok with what comes with it.

I think that’s how it is in a lot of circumstances.

We make choices. With those choices come negative effects. I don’t think we always have the right to complain about those. We made our choice. We could have chosen otherwise.

Deal with it.

Such as complaining about homework in high school. Cut it out, yo!

Once you are out of high school you never, never have to do homework again. No one is making you. You don’t have to. You’re in school, though, because you chose to. You’re in a class because you want to acquire a certain degree which you also chose. But you don’t have to do any of it. You don’t have to pass the class for anyone. That was a pretty lame connection I made there...

And that’s life. Sometimes things get out of hand, out of our control. Sometimes the bus comes really late. And, sometimes, all that means is a bit of extra time at the bus stop to get some writing and reading done.


See, and sometimes it totally works in your favour! My connecting bus was 7 minutes late. With a bit of downtown city running, I caught the 5 just in time yelling at the cross walk, “I wanna catch that bus so badly!” with a grin, of course.

And I got it. And it felt so. So. So good. And I grinned at everyone because it was a good day.

"Mr. Bus Driver! I'm so happy I'm on your bus!"

And the thrill of catching that second bus kept me smiling for the next hour.

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  1. I'm glad the bus situation ended up working out ok! As an occasional public transit user (and usual car driver) I have very little patience and end up getting very worked up in those types of situations.


Your words make me grin.

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