Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's Be Emotional

Something I like to do, sometimes, is not control (suppress) my joy in public.

I like outbursting my glee.
I love declaring how happy I am to have made it on the bus or how glad I am that a certain check-out clerk is there.
If something tickles my fancy, I want the world to know.

Not to rub it in, but so they can appreciate it to.
(I speak from experience when me and
lovely strangers have moments of shared
delight on the sidewalks and we both
leave feeling refreshed)

Or. Even better.
So they can know I appreciate them, when it’s a human.

If someone is rad, let them know.
If a stranger is impressive, there’s nothing wrong with telling them how they made their mark on you.

I am not talking about doing that thing where you're rude to people and in their face and making a huge scene and thinking, "I'm happy and that's not a crime so I'm going to do what I want." No. Not bother people. That's lame.

Why are we trying to numb-down and contain our emotions? Isn’t feeling a good thing?

We do! We take what we're feeling and we suppress it all down so we come across and get-thing-done-placid-human-robots.

Flip side is, I know it’s ok to not always be happy.
I know sorrow and anger have their place and should not be ignored or shoved aside.
But, much of the time, I am happy. I’m not a good enough actor to pretend I’m delighted when I’m not. That would be too emotionally exhausting.

I think a benefit of ADHD is that, in our impulses, we don't always even think to hide what we're feeling.


I think you’re all lovely.

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