Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Season Is Over

The last cruise-ship of the season docked in at Haines on my birthday, the 19th.
And so ends the tourism season.

The cruise-ship doubled our population each Wednesday.

Each Wednesday the town felt significantly different as bumbling tourists murmled around Main Street and clogged up the library trying to Skype - polluting the silence with their inconsiderat chatter.

Goodness, it sounds like I abhor them. No. I don't. I rather enjoyed the tourists --- 'cept when they were loud in the library.

Yesterday, the last cruise-ship pulled into Skagway, the next town up the passage and another source of our tourists. The tourists who ended up in Skagway could hop the fast-ferry to see Haines, an entirely different experience. Skagway is more touristy. Haines is legit.

Skagway might have some four cruise-ships per day - that's some 4,000+ tourists in a town of, get this, 920. I guess they got some 900,000 tourists last season. The not-so-fantastic thing is that most of the town is owned by the cruise-ship industry, not the locals. Apparently there are a lot of jewelry shops...

Haines has kept this from happening. We only let in one cruise-ship a week.

I guess we'll still have tourists coming in, though, in October and November when a couple thousand bald eagles will be taking over the borough. I'm stoked. We got ourselves the largest bald eagle population in the world.

Yesterday was also the end of the fishing season. No more halibut and salmon to be caught, I guess.

And those are pretty much the two largest industries in Haines - tourism and fishing.

Now this dear little town can rest, breath, relax, and take on the incoming chills.


  1. Those fall leaves are beautiful. Your blog posts make me so happy! :)

  2. Now you can spend more Wednesday time at the library ;)


Your words make me grin.

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