Monday, September 17, 2012

Pie Walk

It's easy to fill a postcard with an assortment of half-baked notions, observations, and ideas like,

"Hey, Switzerland is rad. Wish you were here. The mountains are pretty. Stop eating so much corn. Love, Bobby Joe."

But, sometimes, I like to delve a bit more into what's up. A summery of the day sometimes works (although still vague). The other day, I wrote a postcard on pie because pie is what came to mind. I wanted to know their favourite kind of pie (I just learned that Beth's is huckleberry peach - that sounds mighty fine!). I wrote and wrote and wrote on about pie.

I forget how it came about, but I ended up at the Summer Inn with Hannah, the innkeeper and one of my favourite Haines-mates, and Lori, who I was just meeting for the first time then.

Lori made crab cakes from freshly caught crab. Oh man... they were delicious. So good.

Then, she and Hannah mentioned pies (mind blown?)! Magical pies! Lori had made pies - wild blueberry pies and cherries, both freshly picked. Notice the trend here? Fresh. Fresh. Fresh.

But, get that!, she made pie! I had just been writing about pie just that morning and then, voila, pie on the table.

We couldn't just eat the pie, though. No sir.
I wanted a pie walk.
A pie hike?

Wander around pie with a town.

And we did.

If you saw a pie-crew meandering Haines last Thursday, I think you could pretty freely assume it was us. Did you see what I just had there? Three words in a row with double letters in them. This last sentence had two of those words. That last sentence had no double letters.

We decided to take the pies to Cars Cove out on Mud Bay Road. We trompled up Mud Bay Road and began our decent down when we came across a path, well, a clearing in the trees that had something of a trail marked into it. There was hesitation in taking it but Lori took the first step and we quickly followed.

We came to a clearing and several paths were offered. A grassy path, a alder/ash/somethingtree lined path, or a path up to a washing machine.

Surrounded by trees and isolated from familiar landmarks, we became disoriented and started to guess where we would end up.

Long story short (this got too long and I want to just post it now or it will never go up) we ended up at an ol' abandoned-of-sorts logging mill with water. The pie was delectable after over an hour of meandering. Voila!


  1. Give me some of those crabcakes, bby.

  2. Just had a tiny piece of blackberry pie for breakfast that Marci made. Yum.

    1. A tiny piece? How do you do it? If I'm having a piece of blackberry pie, I think that calls for a medium sized piece, at least.

  3. Your life looks like too much fun!

    1. Too much? Ahh -- I'd say it's the right amount. It's got enough lulls to keep me grounded. I do enjoy it, though.

  4. Happy Birthday dearest Traveler!

    Tyler's Momma

  5. this makes me so happy!


Your words make me grin.

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