Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Big Two-Two

View from the Ripinsky Race Trail - 3,563 feet lil' skitter.
Guess who's survived 22 years on this planet? This kid.

Here's a story to celebrate with.

Yesterday I was at the Mountain Market with a client and I got into a conversation with a lovely lady. Suddenly, mid-conversation, she looked at me and said, "Why aren't you in school?"

"Umm... school? I'm not in school."
"Wait. You're not?"

I furrowed my eyebrows and asked, "Exactly how old do you think I am?"
She earnestly replied, "Well, 14..."
"Not quite," was my reply.

Nope. I'm not 14.
But, at least she was only 8 years off (well, 7 years as of yesterday - 8 today!).

Anyways, 22 years old and still learning and growing. Far from perfect but filled with a few ounces of ambition.

What do I think this year might bring me? Trips around the States to thoroughly experience it beyond the West coast, the Ukraine, Scotland, Switzerland, the Netherlands. Maybe some dancing. Maybe some cello'in.

Update: I'm still in Haines. Still love it. To follow up last week's 74 hours of work, doing 72 this week. I get to do 33 hours of straight work with only one 1-hour break starting tomorrow at 10:30 AM. Hoorah!


  1. HAPPY 22nd, DUDE!!

    Never stop writing, and never stop growing. I have the EXACT same problem. Some kid at church told me I was a 5 year old inside. o_O (alrightttt.)

    So! I think that being young looking and young at heart will prove to be really good in the future when we are old and grey.

    45?! You look 30! ;D ♥


Your words make me grin.

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