Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thirties, They're Home, and the Ukraine

September 9, 2012 - sunny break used to get instruments from Point A to Point B - cello & bari-uke.

It’s pouring outside.

It’s the sort of rains resonate through the house at 5:32 AM - an alarm that directs your first morning thoughts to the rain gear you’re about to need to get to work and the handkerchief you'll stash in your pocket.

Welcome to September in Alaska.
Is this fall?

The temperature, lately, has ranged from 34 F to 55 F. Yes - that means that yesterday I biked to the pool, at 6:14 AM, in near-freezing temperatures. No wonder my ears burned as I raced and skidded down our hill.

Last week we had a series of days with some of the fiercest winds I’ve encountered. Biking into town was a bear (roar!) as I felt like most of my pedaling energy was going towards not being blown backwards or staying straight in my path. As people with their cars complained about it, I wanted to scoff saying, “Oi - try this for two miles [not a long distance, I know] on a bicycle 2-3 times in a day...” No, it wasn't horrible. Just funky.

The family of eleven I live with were absent from my life for a while as they took a 5-6 week journey around Washington state (and even collide with my Washington-family!).

I didn’t really realize how much I missed them till they were gone and then came back. It was, indeed, nice having a house to myself for a while. I blasted music in the morning and cooked brown rice with vigor. But, really, not much changed except for the fact that I didn’t have eleven beautiful, wonderful human beings there surrounding me in love whenever I was home.

The day before they came home, I was reaching a bit of a low. I didn’t realize it, but I was desperately craving community. I called my old roommate  up (mistake, mistake, mistake) which tipped my mind into a bit of an unwanted spiral.

And then, the next day, home came the family.

I immediately knew they were home by the temperature of the house. I hadn’t known how to change the thermostat in the house while they were away nor had I known if they were ok if I used the firewood to make a fire. As a result, the house was a cold, wet place. When I got home, the children were building structures by the fireplace which was blazing away. My bedroom is on the third floor of the pretty open layout, and as a result, things get toasty up here really quickly. Mmmm. It feels so good. The house smells better when they’re here as the kitchen smells weave their way into my bedroom.

Oh! The love I feel when they are around! It is such a beautiful thing and I am grateful to be welcomed in to such a family in Haines. This is the sort of love that you don’t feel like you have to do anything to receive. The thing is, I don’t really do much to earn it. I try to help when I can, but I’m in and out so frequently (I’m working 14 hours today), I don’t feel I really pull my load. But I’m not a free-loader, no worries.

Anyways, in my old housing situation, I don’t know what sort of love we were working with, but it was something twisted. I don’t know what was up with that twenty-five (or four?) year old man. But, I do know that the love of eleven wonderful children and their two parents being launched my way as I depart and arrive and exist with them really does put my heart in a good place.

I think part of it is that they’re always, always there for me if I need them. I silently believed my roommate to be judging so many of my actions, putting me on edge. Even though he never expressed it, nay, he expressed the exact opposite, I wrote disapproval into his thoughts and cowered and failed to thrive because of it. I sought out his reassurance and love and, though it may have been given, I was blind to it much of the time.

I love going home to see them in the evening. I am ever so impressed by the conversations I have with them that go into depth. After work, I had some meaningful conversations with the second eldest daughter and with the mother. Meaningful, deep, real, and I learned quite a bit. Last night I found myself among them during Bible reading time as we discussed truth. We discussed if there is absolute truth and if there are many truths and “is what is true for one man truly true?” Try asking a six-year old that and have a discussion. They do. I find it beautiful.

Work has been blissful. My boss just alerted me, yesterday, that starting super-soon I get insurance and paid vacations as I’ll have been a full-time employee for three months. I got a new client last week and get yet another new one this week to train with. This new client, when I arrived the first time, said, “You’re going to like this movie,” as he put on a cooking and traveling show about Italy from the 90s. I was delighted. Yeah. He was right. I did like it. Sometimes we watch Planet Earth. Yesterday I was helping him at work and he asked his boss to turn off the music for my safety - afraid I would get distracted (I couldn’t help but dance!) and hurt myself. I’m afraid that’s all I can say - need to respect his privacy (and not get fired).

Post is still a major part of my life. Went to the post office yesterday and was tickled to find four solid, multi-page letters, four postcards, and a package. I've been writing back all morning.

Word is that Tyler's back in Colorado - safe and sound.
Word is that it hasn't rained in Seattle for 48 days. Oh! It just rained, I guess. Apparently it rained for 14 minutes on Sunday.
Word is that this is a 58 hour work week.
Word is that I start to get insurance from work and paid vacations starting soon.
Word is that the Lynch family will be in Haines tomorrow!
Word is that we had a footie-pyjama night the other night. Four of us running around all fuzzy-warm.

I guess that's about it. I've been crafting plans for 2013 - looks like it might end up being a road trip or hitchhiking trip across the country and then off to Ukraine (just have to look into visa's and flights - I've got most of the trip all figured out). If I stay over 90 days, I'll need a visa. Under 90 days and I can just show up and rock out.

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