Sunday, September 23, 2012

Work Hours in September

Yesterday, had one of those "and they pay me to do this?" moments as me, a client, and another provider I was training enjoyed a picnic out at Mosquito Lake.

This is what my work hours look like right now.

Over five days time, I am working 83.5 hours.
Over six days? 97.5

Last week was 76 hours - I started off with 63 assigned hours.
Week before, 74.

Got to do 33 hours of working straight without a break in there right before.

It seems a bit hectic, yes, but I love my job (love my clients) and working is what I'm in Haines to do.
In this economy, I'm grateful to even have a job.

Andrew and Tyler weren't lying when they said I could make money in Haines.


  1. That picture is so beautiful. Can you just wisk me away to Haines, please?

    1. You would be a beautiful, welcome addition.


Your words make me grin.

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